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Vulnerability Assessment Services – Overview

Vulnerability Assessment validates the security of devices and unveils weaknesses in your IT infrastructure first hand before an external entity discovers and exploits any Vulnerability. The Vulnerability Assessment process also extends to identifying what an internal intruder can exploit. Your organization should work towards having a strong and resilient network infrastructure which will defend against all external and internal attacks. We need not emphasize the importance in improving the security posture in building reputation and customer trust. But not every organization is equipped with adequate man power and technology to materialize this. Another influencer include competing priorities of IT department when it comes to spending resources on Vulnerability Assessment.

How is Vulnerability Assessment different from Penetration Testing?

The two methodologies are similar and it is important to understand the differences between them. Penetration testing process puts more prominence on gaining access as much as possible while vulnerability assessment puts emphasis on categorizing areas that are susceptible to attacks.

SecuritySkool – Penetration Test Methodology

SecuritySkool has a complete portfolio of Application and Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment programs which cover entire spectrum of critical Security Vulnerabilities. Every organization has its own specific business model, priorities, and budgets. The values and culture of a company defined by its top management would have evolved over years. We provide tailor made Vulnerability Assessment solutions for your organization which covers a full range of Application and Infrastructure Assessments engineered to identify security vulnerabilities and also recommend a matching mitigation policies.

SecuritySkool Differentiators

Work Experience
Expertise in Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing frameworks.

Business Domains
Over these years we have work experience in handling varied business domains that include Banking, Aerospace, Government Agencies, Public sector companies, Educational institutes, Defense etc.

Threat Intelligence
Experience in integrating latest Threat Intelligence platforms and technologies like STIX and TAXII.

Platform Experience
We have conducted Vulnerability Assessment over a wide range of Platforms like Virtualized deployment, Cloud deployment and Traditional Enterprise deployment.

Web Application
SecuritySkool has experience working on Web Applications over SSO and other Authentication mechanisms, Fault tolerant configuration in highly scaled environments.

Through Documentation and Remediation
We make sure the objectives of your Vulnerability assessment is met by not just documenting the findings but providing you guidelines in implementing the control measures.

Compliance Scanning
Compliance specific scanning including HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GLBA

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