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Managed Web Application Scanning

The corporate website is one of the easiest targets for any hacker and one that causes most damage to the corporation. Security testing of web application is hence most essential. This is where the Web-Application Security Scanning plays its crucial role. The scanning can be done without access to the source code as this domain primarily does the functional testing to detect Security Vulnerabilities.

Few of the vulnerabilities detected at this stage involves

SQL injection

Ajax testing

File inclusion

JS source code analyzer

Backup file check

Intercepting Proxy

Automatic Scanner

Traditional but powerful spiders


Web Socket Support

Plug-n-hack support

Backup files disclosure

Weak .htaccess configuration

SEL Injection and Xpath Injection

CRLF Injection

Command execution detection

Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

File Disclosure

Smartcard & Client Digital Certificates

Dynamic SSL certificates

REST based API

Authentication support

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