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Managed Security Monitoring

Gear up for Next-Gen Cyber-Security

Cyber-Security is expected to get ever more sophisticated in 2016. Your organization’s operative defense against incoming attacks need to be up-to-date in both technology and methodology. Continuous evolution of security controls is therefore crucial in the ability to detect and respond to ever evolving threat landscape.

It is time to re-think your enterprise strategy regarding information security resources. SecuritySkool empower your security experts to become hunters more than of just defenders, thereby allowing your organization to proactively pursue hard- to-detect threats, create intelligence capabilities, provide better metrics and participate in operational risk analysis.

Traditional MSSP implementations focus on manpower resourcing challenges for log aggregation and perimeter monitoring functions. However they usually fall back on threat intelligence and other advanced security intelligence platforms. SecuritySkool Managed Security Monitoring is here to help you overcome such market limitations by leveraging on technology, tools and expertise to enhance security.

Managed Security Monitoring Services

Incident Management

Log Aggregation


SIEM Event Correlation


Analytics and Reporting

User Monitoring

Access Monitoring

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