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Managed Log Management

Statistics suggests that 85% of the logs collected are used to detect and track suspicious behavior. The use of logs for Maintenance and IT support is much minimal compared to threat analysis. Log Management is a critical component in the detection of APT-style malware, timely detection of threats vectors and also detection of suspicious usage patterns. This calls for expertise in the Log Management functionality. Removing irrelevant log data and highlighting the critical logs for further analysis require domain expertise and efficiency.

SecuritySkool has industry’s best Security Operations Center for efficient monitoring, correlation and analysis of logs. We also have customized solutions to cater to your Security and Business intelligence gathering requirements. More than compliance based on the type of businesses, the organizations need to satisfy the requirements for log collection, storing and reporting. A successful security program, in order to pass the scrutiny of audit and compliance will need to provide the Record of Authority (ROA) document defining where logs will be stored, and the retention period for each log.

Why SecuritySkool

  • Efficient team for 24 x 7 Security Event and Log Management and analysis.
  • Real-time threat integration intelligence gathering and reporting.
  • Automated processing.
  • Fine tuning data retention policies for efficient search and correlation functions.
  • Business intelligence reporting.
  • Log Retention service available as a fully managed service for enterprise level business.
  • Scalable Log Retention solutions.
  • Cost effective offerings.
  • Log Retention from dissimilar network sources.
  • Forensics ready Log Retention.

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