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Managed IDS/IPS

The Defense in Depth strategy is also known as the Castle Approach. This is an Information-Assurance concept in which deploys multiple Layers of security controls throughout the system under protection. The intent of Defense in Depth strategy is to provide redundancy over security controls. The Defense-in-Depth strategy is built on three critical elements: People, Technology and Processes (Operations).

IDS (Intrusion Detection System) and IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) devices can facilitate this layered security approach, thereby protecting the critical assets from Cyber Threats.

IDS/IPS Tuning and Updates-

Tuning is the one of the most critical and essential part of an IDS/IPS deployment. Defining and Refining the alerting system to minimize the false positives is essential to identifying the real threats and make the Network monitoring process efficient.

Why SecuritySkool

  • Expert in fine tuning IDS/IPS deployments with the latest global deployment best practices.
  • Security in virtualization scenarios - IDS/IPS implementation strategy that allow for the monitoring of virtual system traffic.
  • IDS/IPS deployment strategies.

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