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Managed Firewall and Next Generation Firewall

A Firewall is the front line of defense in any security deployment. Management of firewall is a highly responsible task and requires experience and expertise in the same. Without proper management or experience in handling security, the risk of unauthorized access and breaches are highly probable. Proper provisioning, upgradation and deployment of Firewalls require the latest knowledge of information security practices.

The Next Generation Firewalls use DPI – Deep Packet Inspection as their core technology. Gartner predicts that the Next Generation Firewalls will overtake the stand alone type at enterprise perimeter. These firewalls can make more granular decisions based on the payload contents.

NGFWs are capable of analyzing and inspecting the following data types-

  1. Encrypted traffic
  2. Application information via Application awareness
  3. Detection of “port-hopping”

Why SecuritySkool

  • Efficient Firewall policy management.
  • Integration with Compliance requirements.
  • Change request management.
  • Regular review of firewall policies.
  • Expertise in design and deployment for Next Generation Firewalls.

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